Thursday, 12 February 2009

Careless whispers lead to careless work

When lots of people who don’t know each other all together that well but are then placed in one room, Monday to Friday, and asked to make a paper, what would you expect to happen? You would think they would just get on with it. Purely for one reason: their grades. But, as we should all know, nothing is ever that simple. If only. At my university, this is exactly what has happened. Problems are created for no reason. People are put down, knocking the wind out of their previously filled, full of confidence, sails. But whose fault is this? Certainly not their own. They were perfectly happy before this project.

Now this may all sound very harmless and all the rest of it but there are secrets. One small hiccup leads to a hands on bitch fest in front of 50 odd people. Chinese whispers are often the recipe to this. One thing leads to another, another thing leads to the next. Then, all of a sudden, we have the meeting and little quips are thrown about. We’re not getting paid. We are here out of our own free will, so why should we have to sit and listen to sentences such as, “ Well, why didn’t you do this better?” and “ I don’t really see your point”. And my all time favourite, “if you want a fucking shit paper than go ahead and do it.”

When really, aren’t we all on the same level? Shouldn’t we actually respect one another? The fact is, yes. The other fact is, some people have their enlarged heads screwed on backwards.

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