Sunday, 22 January 2012

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Instagram: A month of stuff from December

While a pic from a mobile will never ever top the quality of the real deal, Instagram has to be one of the most creative and fun apps for the iPhone. Easy peasy to use, creating some cracking pics with the all important ready-made filters. Nothing beats the immediacy and spontaneous nature of a mobile snap. A whole different beast. Here is my December in a nut shell.

Wrapping and ribbons

Sleeping soundly

The gift I'll cherish forever

Love and jewellery

Seaside escapes

Magazine indulgences

Puppy visits

Need I explain?

Secret Santa

THE boots

Amaretto evenings

Friendly memories

Santa's time to shine

Stocking goodies

2012 - set to be the year of the e-reader takeover


Sisterly love


For decoration purposes only

Experimental things

My new boots turned out to be the perfect subject of some close ups. In reality, I was full of turkey and they were in close reach.

And with a little touch of magic.....

You can buy these beauties from River Island:

Christmassy things

A selection of my best Christmassy moments to tide me over until next year. Sadly, none of the dogs belong to me. This camera does though :)


Wednesday, 30 November 2011

"Oh, the weather outside is frightful..."

Yes, yes, it's *insert depressing observation about the weather here* but let's be honest, you are secretly bubbling with excitement about Christmas and want to shout this fact in a Slade-like fashion at the top of your lungs.

From a selfish point of view I have decided to write about this delectable holiday because I am currently suffering from one of the symptoms of Precrimboitus, aka a cold. Devastating I know. I'm hoping to pull through any day now.

The sheer boredom of illness has brought me to consider plans of the day. Namely the obvious Turkey Dinner. This year the whole thing is resting on my ability to stuff, chop, roast, baste and reduce - providing I do not reduce in to a pile of melting panic as well.

Check out my checklist. Clip art is back with a bang.

When considering a list one must take in to consideration the presentation. A visual hint does wonders for the imagination. I have gone for the aspirational approach. I can only hope to look that ecstatic on the day and that comfortable in such a flamboyant hat.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Work stuff...

Shot in a beautiful house in Underriver. Simply stunning location. Sooooo lucky with the weather too!

Couple of shots we didn't use in the end. They remind me of old movies, a nice classic feel.