Thursday, 12 February 2009

Leathery love

So if there is one thing you need to know about me, it's that I LOVE clothes. I LOVE fashion. Which quite a lot of girls do, lets be honest, but hey! Which is why I was spankingly elated when a good friend alerted me to a special Topshop night in association with Vogue. It was a private event; you shell out a tenner for the invite, which is redeemable when making a purchase. Whoopee. Not only this but there is 20% off and a free gift. FREE GIFT you say? It was a heavy clunky gaudy bracelet with Kermit coloured stones, and lots of them. I wouldn't expect anyone to pay money for it anyway. But, to make up for it, there was a rosy pink Mac lipstick that I love. Even if it does make me look a bit cheap. I'll tell people that's the idea. I'll just show people the bracelet, and then they'll definitely believe that that's the look I'm going for.

When I initially received my invite in the post, the spotty packaging sent me in to a daydream frenzy, as well as a 3 hour perving session at the Topshop website. Not to mention the ludicrous calculations I was doing to work out the most I could get for the best price with the discount. I eventually came to the conclusion. I'll buy loads of cheap things. It’s all about quantity. Then I smacked my head and realised it was a TOPSHOP event. There is no such thing as loads of cheap things.

Then, as I stood halfway back in the changing room queue, unsightly indents in my arms from all the hangers, a love story began. As soon as our eyes met across the room, I knew it had to be. My heart started racing. The only thought going through my mind was, ‘Please have my size.’ All rationality was stripped from me, along with my coat and cardy I was wearing. I threw them to floor and flung the sweet smelling leather over me. It could have been the three glasses of complimentary champagne talking, but I was in love.


The peek at the price tag………

Maybe a little less in love now?

My rationality came pouring back. I get 20% off. I marched straight to the till. Smiles all round.

I think we’re going to live happily ever after.

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