Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Saved by the.... eighties high school cliche

Yeah, you pretty much guessed it, we are all in for an eighties flashback treat. Well, near enough. A Saved by the bell reunion was on the cards, until Tiffany Thiessen, AKA school sweetheart Kelly Kapowski. AAKA, the girl with the kick ass Something About Mary esque fringe.

As much as we laugh and joke about it now, Saved by the Bell was golden TV. Epic American high school trash, next to Sweet Valley High, of course! I don't know about you but, after Fresh Prince, Saved by the bell was the theme tune that you would twitch your feet to and sing all the words as soon as it came on. Then immediately feel really chuffed with yourself for remembering the oh so tricky and witty lyrics. For those that are not so familar, have a look. For those of you that remember it fondly, test yourself.


Here are those magical words that spelled out the next fun-filled 25 minutes of the time:

When I wake up in the morning
And the alarm gives out a warning
And I don't think I ever make it on time
By the time I grab my books
And I give myself a look
I'm at the corner just in time to see the bus fly by

It's alright 'coz I'm saved by the bell

If the teacher pops a test
I know I'm in a mess
And my dog ate all my homework last night
Right alone in my chair

She won't know that I'm there
If I can hand it in tomorrow it will be alright
It's alright 'coz I'm saved by the bell

It's alright 'coz I'm saved by the
It's alright 'coz I'm saved by the

It's alright 'coz I'm saved by the bell

Why was Saved by the bell so memorable? Can u actually remember any storylines other than Zack and Kelly, will they, wont they? Ok, so Zack used to sell stuff in school and get in to trouble. Screech would, well, yeah. Lisa would wear cool clothes and act posh. Jessie would go on about sexism and how men treat woman like objects.... and then went on to act in Showgirls...
Everyone fancied Kelly and Slater was just plain buff. Remember this eye candy?

Good old Zack and Slater. Still keeping their modesty with shirts on shoulders and trousers up to their eye balls. FIT...

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  1. saved by the bell was famous in france, but as far as the lyrics we couldnt go further than when i wake up in the morning