Saturday, 25 April 2009

Geek chic?

There has been a recent debate within my group of girlfriends about THOSE glasses. I’m talking about the eyewear that those overly trendy people wear who are neither short nor long-sighted and are basically in no way visually impaired. They usually have a thick rim, either black or tortoise shell but have a style about them that just screams eighties nerd, OR Deidre Barlow.

My original irritation and wrath towards all that wore them came from the fact I actually need glasses and never considered them a fashion item. It wasn’t cool at school when I wore mine!

But, we are now looking at this from a trend perspective. I didn’t even warm to the idea when fashion guru Chloe Sevigny wore a pair.

The debate all started when our eccentric friend Ailsa was adamant she had to have a pair (we had a similar debate when Holly wanted to buy leather leggings). So loan day came round and naturally she did what we all told her not to. Hardly surprising. What is more surprising is that they looked quite nice on everyone! I still think there are some shockers out there but Ailsa picked up a good pair. They are from Topman as well!

I’m not saying I would walk around wearing a pair, but at the same time, if I now see someone wearing a pair I don’t immediately think, ‘OOoo musn’t miss the Corrie omnibus.’ Either that, or, 'try-hard'.

Here is a selection of geek chic pics. (basically us trying to look cool in said eyewear)

Steph adds a farmer hat to give the look more dimension

As well as a drunken smirk

Holly is clearly thinking hard about her homework (what a geek, yeah?)

Me, going for the serious look...

Liz rocking out the thoughtful pose

Just be careful how you wear them or you could end up looking like THIS:

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  1. I give it a week before you all have a pair