Monday, 2 March 2009

Jen at Marley & Me London Premiere

Jen braves the London weather in a floaty frock for her latest appearance on the red carpet. It's so refreshing to see her in something that isn't a LBD or a pant suit. I don't doubt that many will look at this dress, give out a big sigh and mildy grumble 'booorrriiing' under their breath but the silhouette is classic and hugs her figure ferociously.
Some may call this gown dull but the midnight grey is right on the money, with blue and gray tones making a fierce appearance at this years Oscars.

Gorgeous gown aside, there is just something about THAT hair. I'm just begging to see her in an up do, even a bit of a wave? Anything will help that sad limp barnet. I send out an emergency alert to GHD. Hunt down Jen and bombard her with products. It is your duty.

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