Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Did not see this coming....

'Apparently, there is more to life than celebrities'. You wouldn't think this is an odd sentence except it's come straight out of the gossiping horse's mouth. The one, the only, the God of celebrity itself, Heat Magazine.

Now don't worry, Heat haven't gone all moral and gaga on us. They've merely mutated their innovative humour and knack for crap in to an all singing, all dancing, mini Heat love child. The best part, celebrities don't rule the roost. The mag is said to contain random bits of hilarious fandangle. Don't get it? Nah, I'm not sure either. But I'm definitely intrigued.

Julian Linley, Editor of Heat explains,

“heatworld magazine will be unlike anything else on UK newsstands. The idea came from us realising that the daft and the downright hilarious stuff we find ourselves obsessing about in the office aren't ALWAYS to do with celebrities. Who knew? There's nothing more valuable to our audience than laughing out loud."

Go grab the mag and check it our for yourself, it's already attached to your beloved heat anyways. All over the country I can hear Celebs crying in to their satin pillows and monogrammed towels. It seems they are no longer wanted anymore.

Lets hope this sends them in to a frenzy of publicity stunts. Can't. Wait.